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  • All customers are protected under law in their trading and logistic activities when the customers are following the law in their trading activities. It is requested to all customers to encourage the lawful trade for their sustainable development and if the customers of our company are not followed the law as well as the rules and regulations of the nations, company is not responsible.
  • In case of engage our company for the transportation purposes, company is not responsible for the quality of the goods in transit as well as not responsible for the irregularities caused by the customer while trading or in transporting the consignment.
  • The company is providing the services either purchasing the Agro products either it may be processed or raw from the farmers and selling those products on the quality assured by the farmers and company is not responsible in such circumstances.
  • In case of providing trade service in between the farmers and the purchaser, the company will help as the agent and the responsibility in the transactions is only between such farmers & purchaser.
  • In case of Logistic Services, it is required to be properly packed by the transporter of their consignment by following the prescribed standards & norms by themselves OR through their packers to the reequipments of the prescribed authorities, in such circumstances, if the goods are not reached the destinations, company is not responsible either for delay of the delivery of the consignment OR held up in any port or any places.
  • The company is not responsible if any damages caused to the consignment in transit Or any Natural Calamities OR any Robbery and it is always obligation of the customer to get insured for their consignment according to law. Further any claims arrive in the cause of transportation of the consignment, the customer has to approach the transporter & their insurer but no claim sustainable against the company.
  • The company is helping its customers to advice to transport their goods for the prescribed destinations of the customers and making bridge between the manufacturer, farmer and their customers on the request of the customers.
  • In case of purchasing Agro products OR Agro tools and Machineries by the company, in such circumstances the manufacturer OR farmer is responsible for its quality and standard to the customers of the company and the company will sell such products to its customers on the quality and standard assured by the manufacturer and concerned farmer.
  • In case, if the provider including manufacturer or farmer sells the defective OR substandard quality of the goods / products, such provider is sole responsible to the customer of the company for all kinds of their claims.
  • The manufacturer / supplier of the goods to the company, he / it is agreed to provide quality and standard material / goods and assured about their / its products.
  • The decisions and regulations of the board of directors of the company is binding on the transaction and same will be notify in the Website of the company. Further if there is any rules & regulations changed by the company, it will be notified in the Website & binding on the customer OR concerned persons in transactions. And copyright of this website is not permissible.
  • Bangalore is the jurisdictions for all kinds of claims and the customer of the company here by agreed to adopt the local jurisdiction of Bangalore for any kinds of their claims.

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